A story that has to be told...
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Path: / Books / Memories of a Moon Map Memories of a Moon Map  

  • Author: Nina Green

  • Publisher: Pendragon Press Limited

  • ISBN: 978-0-9530538-3-4

  • Price: £6.99 plus p&p

  • Postage and Packaging costs
    UK: £2.75 per book
    Europe: £3.96 per book
    Rest of World: £7.09 per book

    Note: Postage and packaging costs willl be added to the cost of the book

    All proceeds of this book to
    ESA & English Setter Rescue

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    Sample chapter/extract:

         Hi, pleased to met you...

    My name is Ben and I am an English setter and famous Show Champion of my time. 

    Although I passed over the Rainbow Bridge some years ago, because of a love stronger

    than death I’m allowed to tell my story.  Long before I came to live with our human

    Pack Leaders (they are known as the Alpha Pair) they gave a home to my ancestors

    and then to my family after me so I’m entrusted with organising their adventures too. 

    You see my time span now is different to yours; I can travel to and fro through the years

    and talk with those who died before I was born and also those who followed on..... 

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    Copyright © 2004 - Pendragon Press Ltd