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Though outwardly normal, the strangeness of Nina Green's inner early life was to prove a breeding ground for a fertile and rich imagination. Her dreams were always vivid and disturbingly real.  From the time she could first hold a pencil, Nina was writing stories and drawing matchstick figures to illustrate them. A year or two later her teacher would read them out to her classmates. The strange dreams that haunted her in the dark of night were often the basis in adulthood to fuel ghostly plots and tales of mystery and intrigue.

A love of learning has also stayed with her, so that each book is seen as an opportunity to learn something new, be it about Roman history, astronomy - or warrior monks and alchemy as in the case of Immortal Dust! However Nina's maxim is 'never be preachy or try to show off what you know'. She states: "There are always lots of people out there who know a lot more than you do!" - and that "Readers buy fiction for many good reasons, but being bored by bone-dry facts and the author's ego is not generally amongst them!"

Nina sees her task as simply 'to tell a good tale' and connect with her readers, believing that many share her interest in the mysteries of life.

Whilst finishing an honours degree course in philosophy at Lancaster University, she was fortunate enough to be offered a gypsy caravan for rent in the lovely Rusland valley not far from Windermere. Over the following five years she stayed there for weeks at a time. During this period, through the insight of one her tutors, she began writing again.

She now lives in a cottage in the heart of the Lake District with her husband and seven English Setters.  The beauty of the countryside, and the brooding and at times eerie atmosphere around the sombre and history-soaked fells, nourish Nina's creative talent.

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