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Path: / Books / The Second Moon Map Chronicle: D'Arcy Wolf-shadow The Second Moon Map Chronicle: D'Arcy Wolf-shadow  

  • Author: Nina Green

  • Publisher: Pendragon Press Limited

  • ISBN: 9978-0-9530538-4-1

  • Price: £9.50 plus p&p

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    UK: £2.25 per book
    Europe: £3.96 per book
    Rest of World: £7.09 per book

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    All proceeds of this book to
    ESA & English Setter Rescue

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    Sample chapter/extract:

    I live in his shadow. At times I feel him within me, mostly as Lady Moon reaches her full power and glory and lights the heavens. I feel it even when clouds billow and veil her face. The pull is unmistakeable and the power tingles along my nerves causing my muscles to twitch. It is then that the urge to lope freely over field and mountain, to poise on a summit, tilt my head and open my throat to give voice is strongest - and hardest to resist.

    This then was the essence of D’Arcy’s deep and dark thoughts as he gazed at his image reflected on the surface of Merlins Mere, named for the falcons that roost in the stand of rowan trees at the far end. He carries the same burden as his great aunt Fenella. She also had the sable face mask that he sees now darkening his own reflection, but in him this sign is pronounced by the black line that streaks from left eye to ear, so that Alpha-She laughingly calls him her ‘Valentino’. But D’Arcy knows better: this is no romantic flash but the sinister mark of Grey Pelt who haunts the woods and fells of their Lakeland home.

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    FEATURE: D'Arcy Wolf-shadow

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